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Events Committee


The purpose and primary charge of the Events Committee is to develop and plan Town of Pleasant Garden sponsored events in collaboration with the Recreation & Events Coordinator. Status reports on development of events shall be provided to the Town Council and staff during the monthly Town Council meetings. The Town of Pleasant Garden events consist currently of the Independence Celebration, Pet Day, Clean-Up Day, Veteran’s Appreciation, and the Christmas Parade (“Scheduled Events”).

Meetings and Administration:

The Events Committee shall meet in-person or electronically no less than four times annually. A meeting schedule will be adopted by the Town Council at the December organizational meeting. A special meeting may be called at any time by the Committee Chair and Recreation & Events Coordinator, subject to the notice requirements of the Open Meetings Law. A quorum shall consist of a simple majority of the Events Committee membership. A Chair and Vice-Chair will be selected by the Events Committee members at the first meeting of the year. The Recreation & Events Coordinator will be present at the meetings and shall be responsible for keeping the official records of the Events Committee meetings.

Duties & Responsibilities:

1. The Events Committee shall assist staff in developing and planning Town of Pleasant Garden-sponsored events in coordination with the Recreation & Events Coordinator.

2. During the annual budget workshop process, the Events Committee shall submit an itemized annual budget of estimated costs for development and implementation of Scheduled Events to the Town Council for consideration. A proposal for a new event shall be submitted in writing by the Events Committee and shall address; need, benefit to the public including public request for event, location, suggested development/delivery of event, public safety considerations, and itemized cost projections.

3. The Events Committee shall work with the Recreation & Events Coordinator to make periodic reports to the Town Council regarding the activity of the committee.

4. The Events Committee shall ensure provisions are made for the safety of participants at Town of Pleasant Garden events including coordination with first response units including law enforcement or private security contractors.

5. The Events Committee shall operate in compliance with North Carolina state law, North Carolina state statues, North Carolina and Guilford County requirements and Town of Pleasant Garden ordinances and policies, including the finance policy and pre-audit requirements.

6. The Events Committee Chair and/or Vice-Chair shall work with Recreation & Events Coordinator or designated member of Town staff to create the agenda and meeting packets for Event Committee meetings.

Membership and Terms:

1. The Events Committee shall consist of at least three members and not more than seven members. Members shall serve terms of one year on a calendar-year basis. The committee may include non-resident members provided that a majority of the committee membership shall consist of Town residents. Applications for committee membership shall be forwarded to the Town Clerk. Committee members will be appointed by the Town Council. The staff member serving in the Recreation & Events Coordinator position will serve as an ex-officio member of the Events Committee and liaison to the Town Council.

2. If an Events Committee member, whose absences are not excused, misses more than two consecutive regular meetings or a total of three in a calendar year, such member shall be deemed to have resigned as a member of the committee and shall be replaced in accordance with the forgoing procedure.

Member Compensation:

Event Committee members shall be volunteers and shall not be financially compensated for their service on the committee. Reimbursement for expenses and purchases directly attributed to Town of Pleasant Garden sponsored events are allowed provided that established pre-audit and reimbursement procedures for the Town are followed per the approval of the Finance Officer. 

Events Committee Members: 

  • Mike Leclerc
  • Amy Welker
  • Amy Murray
  • Angie Brown
  • Angela Halls
  • Linda Perry

Agendas & Minutes

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