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Board Appointments for 2021-2022
Posted on Friday January 08, 2021
Board and Advisory Committee Appointments
In December of every year the Town Council appoints or reappoints volunteer members to the Long Range Planning Board, Zoning Board and the Recreation Board. The boards consist of at least five members. If you are interested in serving on any of the Town boards, please contact Town Hall.

Below are the current appointments:

Long Range Planning (one member needed):

Chris Brannock (2021-22)
Roger Pike (2020-21)
Angela Halls (2021-22)
Bettye Young-Stewart (2020-21)


James Sealey Jr. (2021-22)
Mark Wilcox (2021-22)
Haley Hackett (2020-21)
James Shell (2020-21)
Jim Siske (2020-21)

Recreation (one member needed):

Mike Leclerc (2021-22)
Cindy Tysinger (2021-22)
Wendie Grubb (2021)
Amy Welker (2021)