Zoning Board

The Zoning Board oversees enforcement of the zoning ordinance, and reviews the ordinance and zoning map at least every five years in order to make any necessary change recommendations to the Town Council.

The Zoning Board maintains relations with county and nearby municipal zoning boards to consider potential coordinated land development efforts and to report to the Town Council the potential impact on the town of other governments’ zoning efforts.

The Board also oversees enforcement of the state building code and fire inspections within the town.

Duties of the Zoning Board

  • Hears and decides matters pertaining to zoning map amendments, Special Use Permits and Zoning Vested Rights.

  • Hears and decides matters on appeal from the Enforcement Officer for Soil Erosion; such as subdivisions, site plans, and soil erosion plans.

  • Hears and decides matters pertaining to road name changes, road closings, right-of-way vacations, easement removals, right-of-way encroachments, and watershed matters.

  • Reviews and approves new or altered plans for subdivisions, clustered or attached residential development, planned unit developments, office, commercial, and industrial developments, and street and utility improvements.

Appointments to boards, committees and task forces are for no more than two years.  Board appointments end December 31 of the second year of a board member's term. This does not prevent an appointee from serving consecutive terms.

The Town Council fills all vacant terms of board and committee members. The board chairperson may declare a board or committee seat vacant if a member moves out of the town, fails to attend three regularly scheduled consecutive meetings, or violates North Carolina and/or Town of Pleasant Garden ethics laws. Each board may recommend replacements and/or additions to its committees as necessary. Failure to attend three regularly scheduled consecutive meetings will not result in a council, board or committee seat being declared vacant if the member provides a written medical excuse from a medical doctor.


2018 Zoning Board Members
Chairman:  James Sealey
Vice Chairman:  Mark Wilcox

Haley Hackett
James Shell
Jim Siske







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