Farmers Market 2019

June 8 -- September 14
Every Saturday 7:00 am – 12:00 noon
Wednesdays - 3:00pm - 6:00pm

Located (directions) behind our Town Hall: 4920 Alliance Church Road.  We offer plenty of free parking and easy accessibility for all.

The Pleasant Garden Farmers Market is centrally located in the heart of Southeast Guilford County. Admission is FREE, and everyone is welcome!

Items include fresh produce, baked goods, canned goods, wooden crafts, homemade jewelry, homemade soaps and lotions, holiday decorations, hand-painted goods, gift baskets, knit/crochet items, etc.

Vendor Information: There is no fee or permits for vendors. If you would like to participate, please contact us or fill out and return the application form and liability waiver.

Please note the requirements to verify one's goods are home-grown or obtain a Certificate of Registration from the NC Department of Revenue due to requirements in state law.

Register today - space is limited.


·        All vendors must complete an application form and sign a liability waiver.  The Town reserves the right to reject any vendor.  There is no charge to participate.

·        All vendors who grow or make all their own products must provide a written statement stating that fact and display it in plain view at the Farmer’s Market. 

·        All vendors who obtain some or all of their products from sources other than their own farm must obtain a Certificate of Registration from the NC Department of Revenue and display it in plain view at the Farmers’ Market.  (Form NC-BR)

·        As required by state law, all vendors must sign an attendance form every time they participate in the market. The town will maintain these forms on file for two years.

·        The picnic tables under the shelter will be reserved on Saturdays until 7:00am for those vendors selling perishable items (e.g., fresh produce, cut flowers, fresh baked goods, etc.). After 7:00am the tables are available on a first-come first-served basis for all vendors.

·        At no time are the wooden picnic tables to be moved from under the shelter. All vendors are welcome to bring additional/your own tables and chairs. [NOTE: There is no storage available at the Town Hall Farmers’ Market site.]

·        Pricing is left to each vendor’s discretion to be determined with price/demand and fair market value criteria in mind. Vendors are encouraged to keep prices attractive. It is up to individual vendors to keep the appropriate sales records for IRS and NC Department of Revenue purposes.

·        The origin of those goods not grown/made by the selling vendor will be clearly disclosed on the item(s).

·        Anyone offering home-prepared foods for sale must undergo a kitchen inspection. Contact Jerretta Gilchrist of the FDA at 919-733-7366 to schedule that inspection.

·        Baked goods and canned items must be clearly labeled with the name and phone number of the person(s) making the item. Ingredients must be clearly listed on a label attached to each ‘package’ and items should be pre-packaged/pre-wrapped in the quantity you wish to sell (i.e., by the dozen, half dozen, each, etc.).

·        The Town Council has not approved the sale of any meat or dairy products, including eggs and cheese. 

·        Each vendor is asked to keep his/her area clean during the market hours and before leaving each market day - sweep if needed, wipe down tables if necessary.

·        Pick up all trash before leaving. There is a dumpster on site, but it is only emptied twice a month so we are reluctant to allow perishable trash which may cause a pest problem. Therefore, please plan to take your discarded perishables, trash, and empty boxes with you.

Have a great selling season.
We appreciate your support of our community Farmers’ Market!





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