Town of Pleasant Garden Independence Day Celebration Fireworks Show

Response Deadline:  March 16, 2018 at noon

 The Town of Pleasant Garden is soliciting proposals for its annual Independence Day Celebration fireworks display. The show is the culmination of a family-friendly, community event to be held on Saturday, June 30, 2018 at the Pleasant Garden Community Center located at 5024 Alliance Church Road in Pleasant Garden, North Carolina.  The fireworks will be fired from a location behind the baseball field beginning at dark, approximately 9:15-9:30pm. The rain date is Sunday, July 1, 2018.

 Responses should provide a description of a proposed patriotic fireworks show (opening sequence, main body and grand finale) for an audience of approximately 3,000 onsite spectators.  The quoted price should be inclusive of all costs for producing the show.


 ·        The minimum acceptable number of shells is a total of 650 with a mixture of 3-inch, 4-inch,  and 5-inch shells as proposed by the bidder to provide an entertaining, spectacular show.     Please provide a breakdown of the proposed number of shells to be used.

·        The show should last approximately 20 minutes.

 ·          Proposals shall explain provisions for postponement or cancellation of the show due to inclement weather.

·          Bidders and workers must be properly licensed in North Carolina and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. The Town will be responsible for obtaining the local fireworks permit.

·          The successful bidder must provide a Certificate of Insurance with $2 million in liability coverage naming the Town of Pleasant Garden as “additional insured.”                      

·          The successful bidder shall be responsible for all clean-up and policing of the display area, including removal of all unexploded fireworks, removal of frames, sets and lumber, and the refilling of holes.

 Proposals may be mailed to the Town of Pleasant Garden, PO Box 307, Pleasant Garden, NC 27313; faxed to (336) 674-0923, or emailed to townclerk@pleasantgarden.net .  The response deadline is 12:00pm on Friday, March 16, 2018. 


All questions should be directed to Town Administrator/Clerk Sandy Carmany at (336) 674-3002 or townclerk@pleasantgarden.net .